James W. Hicks, M.D.

Female Ejaculation

In Sexploration* on June 20, 2010 at 9:26 am

Do women ejaculate?

How can that even be a question, given that women have been reaching orgasms for millenia? Wouldn’t someone have noticed? But just a few hundred years ago, physicians thought that the clitoris was an abnormality to be removed, and Freud thought clitoral orgasm was a sign of emotional immaturity. So we are still learning.

In fact, the medical literature continues to debate whether women ejaculate at orgasm. Some researchers believe that any fluid that might be released is really just urine.

But the most recent scientific studies have found that women do ejaculate a variable amount of liquid, and that the liquid is similar in content to male ejaculate, except of course that it lacks sperm. The ejaculate, which is released by glands located within the ureter, or pee-hole, is clear or slightly white in color. The amount is often small and perhaps unnoticeable in the midst of the muscular contractions that accompany orgasm.

  1. Update: 123 readers of my original blog responded to a poll asking if they had ever experienced female ejaculation (themselves or in a partner). 48% said no. 43% said yes. 7% were unsure.

  2. I’m a nonbinary trans man who was assigned female at birth, but am medically transitioning with testosterone. During my transition, I’ve noticed that my body has begun to react in a manner consistent with cisgender men (which is of course the intention, for my well-being and happiness).

    I seem to produce pre-ejaculate in an amount similar to other men, if not more, and when I orgasm, it’s a lot more than it was before I was on testosterone/in a hormonal state similar to cisgender women.

    I had always been able to ejaculate, but after taking T, the quantity is much larger and I can attest that it’s definitely NOT urine, as the viscosity and colour is much like semen (though obviously lacking sperm, so more like the ejaculate of a man with a vasectomy).

    Studying the human body and sexuality is so interesting!

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