James W. Hicks, M.D.

"What, Half the World’s Population Isn’t Enough for You?"

In Myths on August 5, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Bisexuality strikes some people as greedy and selfish. Given that there are so many members of the opposite sex to choose from, why insist on preying on your own? Single women, in particular, may complain about the additional competition for eligible men. Homosexuality is less threatening, if one assumes that gay men and lesbians mate only with their own kind.

And if bisexuality is thought to be just a transitory phase and not a genuine condition, then you may be accused of being unable to make up your mind as you alternate between women and men. And if you persist, you may be viewed as a sexual addict, unrestrained and tempted by everything.

Of course, it is silly to speak of potential partners in global terms; we fall in love as individuals with individuals, and there is no evidence that bisexuals are cornering the market on either gender.

  1. The description of versatile makes me think of what the practical purpose of heterosexual marriage has traditionally been; that is to find a good provider, to produce children, to consolidate property, etc.. When did the concept of romantic love based on chemistry come into play and where and why did it originate?

  2. I’m sure romance and the chemistry behind it have always existed, but the view of marriage as a vehicle for love rather than family stability is relatively recent, depending on which culture you examine. In that sense, you are quite right to imply that versatility has been a fairly universal phenomenon.

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