James W. Hicks, M.D.

Penis Size

In Sexploration* on August 7, 2010 at 8:02 pm

The size and appearance of the penis varies considerably from man to man, and from soft to hard. You cannot always predict the size of an erect penis from its flaccid state: a penis that is thick and long may become harder but not much bigger in erection, and some tiny penises can become surprisingly large when aroused.

Men tend to be concerned about penis size, much more so than women: the largest recent internet survey found that only half of men were satisfied with their penis size, while almost all women were satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. A smaller Croatian study found that more than half of women consider penis length and girth only somewhat important, while another quarter found both features unimportant.

Broad and reliable surveys of penis size do not exist, but a number of small studies suggest that most men have a penis that measures approximately 4.5 to 6 inches (12 to 15 cm) when erect, measured across the top surface from the juncture with the pubic skin. Since erections are not easily elicited in clinical settings, some researchers measure the stretched but flaccid penis, which provides approximately the same results.

There is probably some truth to racial stereotypes about penis size, though the scientific data is lacking and there is a wide range of individual penis sizes within any group. Pornographic films tend to depict men of African descent with large penises and East Asian men with small penises, but these actors may be selected precisely because of their desirable stereotypical attributes. Penis size also tends to correlate with body size, which may partly explain differences across racial groups.

Two studies have found evidence that men who have sex with men have larger penises than those who have sex exclusively with women, though the significance of the findings are debatable. The more recent of these studies also found that gay men with smaller penises were twice as likely to be the receptive “bottom” during sex compared to men with larger penises, which presumably reflects cultural expectations about masculinity and sexual roles. The same stereotype plays out in pornography, where large penises are featured and, in gay porn, where the larger man usually “tops.”

  1. 158 men took a quick poll on my previous blog. 65% said they would prefer their penis to be longer, and 50% would prefer it thicker. Fewer than 1 in 5 men would keep their penis about the same size if they had a choice. Fewer than 1% said they would like their penis to be shorter or thinner.

  2. lol wow, really ? I didn’t no being gay made your pee pee get bigger. I’m gonna sleep with every man in sight. lol

  3. It´s allways better to have a large penis then one that is probably big enough. The size changes the personality and self-confidence – my own experience. After my separation I´m very concious of my size, spilling over to my potens, today I am mentally impotent when I meet a woman. Thus I meet no women.
    Partly because of this, being lonely, meeting men became my alternative. But I´m meeting men as a sub or as a woman.
    If not directly needed to please a woman SIZE is important in other ways

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