James W. Hicks, M.D.


In Media, Sexual Types on August 10, 2010 at 10:04 am

If you are similarly sexually aroused by both women and men, then you are ambisexual. This is the simplest, classic type of bisexuality: a “Kinsey 3” on the heterosexual-homosexual seven-point scale. The prefix in the word ambisexual puts the emphasis more specifically on the equivalence of desire for both men and women, as distinct from other manifestations of bisexuality, though you may also feel comfortable calling yourself bisexual. The term “AC-DC” has been applied to those who derive equal sexual satisfaction from both sexes, or you might refer to your desires as “50-50.”

Ambisexual is probably the most natural condition, the one that would emerge most commonly if society did not so strongly encourage heterosexuality and pathologize homosexual desire, skewing the bell curve that would otherwise define a population’s erotic tastes.

If you are ambisexual, you may be attracted to men and women in more or less the same ways. You fantasize about both. You physically enjoy sex with both. You might fall in love with both, though that is more common in the flexamorous type. You are independent enough in your thinking, and free of sexual guilt and prejudice, to be able to recognize your natural attractions to both sexes and not suppress either.

Janis Joplin was probably ambisexual. She was known to have many sexual relationships with both men and women throughout her life, even when she was in longer-term romantic (and sometimes platonic) relationships.

The ambisexual type is also captured in the character of Capt. Jack (played by John Barrowman) in Torchwood, the Doctor Who spin-off. “He can sleep with man, woman, or alien,” as the lead writer and producer of the show told Blastr.

  1. never had heard of ambisexual before, but I think it fits me.

  2. still not sure about the difference between ambisexual and bisexual, but know I’m one or the other.

  3. Yes seems like me. Like to crossdress. Dream more about men but in everyday life look at women more. Imagine myself as women in sexual encounters, with big tits. Am really mixed up. I try to conform to societal norms. Am afraid someday I will be found out.

  4. Some of the questions threw me off, so I chose “undecided” on nearly 35% of it or more. Yes, I am sexually and physically attracted to both men and women. Several times I have fantasized about both genders. However, I have only had one (somewhat) sexual encounter with a female. Did I like it? Yes! Did I enjoy it? Yes! Did I feel ashame or regretful? No, not at all. So would I ever try it again? Um, I don’t think so :-/ As strange as it may sound, I am not really into women as much as I am into men. Hell, I desire a ménage à trois with two MEN! Especially, if the two men are either “bisexual” or men who are open to the idea of having a threesome with both a man and a woman. I even get highly aroused whenever I watch a man have sex with another man more than watching another woman have sex with other women. If it were possible, I would settle down with two men or even marry two men. Therefore, I don’t fully understand how this test concluded that I am ambisexual when majority (65%) of my choices would be considered heterosexual. *shrugs* go figure…

  5. “Ambisexual is probably the most natural condition, the one that would emerge most commonly if society did not so strongly encourage heterosexuality and pathologize homosexual desire”

    This is very unlikely. Why would humans evolve to like both kinds of sex equally when only one kind can result in reproduction? All animals who reproduce sexually show, on a species level, a preference for the opposite sex sexually, even if some individuals engage in same-sex sexual behavior.

    I think being attracted to the same gender is morally fine and should be accepted as part of human diversity, but it’s foolish to ignore the strong evolutionary bias towards heterosexuality, simply to push an agenda. We can accept sexual diversity without denying reality. (And by the way, I am asexual, so my own orientation would be selected against evolutionarily as well.)

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