James W. Hicks, M.D.


In Sexual Types on September 7, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Supersexual is the term I use for mostly straight men and women who value sex for its own sake and are always seeking new ways to express themselves. If you are supersexual, you have probably had a wide variety of heterosexual fantasies or experiences. But your sexual interests are not confined to the straight and narrow. You might refer to yourself as freaky, straight-plus, polysexual, or try-sexual. Several studies suggest that men and women who have sex with both genders tend to have more partners altogether, possibly reflecting the stronger and less discriminating (in terms of gender) sex drive of people in this category.

You differ from heteroflexible men and women primarily in the degree to which you are adventurous and actively seeking out new sexual experiences. Novelty itself is arousing to you, and you push the boundaries. When you are horny, you seek relief wherever it can be found.

Some men seeking sex with other men “on the down-low” fall in this category. Some women who prefer women may sleep with men because they are easier to engage in casual sex. You may not feel affection for, or desire a relationship with, someone of the same sex, but you are happy to screw him or her, fool around, be serviced, or watch and be watched during group sex. You may tell yourself that the same-sex element in your sex life “doesn’t mean anything” when it comes to defining your sexual orientation. You are unlikely to refer to yourself as bisexual, except perhaps to signal your sexual interest and dexterity to a potential partner.

As mentioned in an earlier post, a new biography provides evidence that Vivien Leigh may have been supersexual. Lord Byron was also probably supersexual. Otherwise straight men who frequent adult video stores and restrooms for quick, anonymous encounters are also likely to be supersexual.

  1. I’m *SUPER-SEXUAL*: Critical mass with a half-life!

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