James W. Hicks, M.D.

Nicki Minaj

In Flexible People on September 29, 2010 at 6:41 pm

With a cover article in Out magazine, Nicki Minaj continues to stir speculation about whether she is bisexual. The Billboard #1 rap artist raps with Usher about cruising for girls with “a real big ol’ ghetto booty” or stopping in her tracks for a “real, real bad lesbian.” Is she bi, or did she just need a word that rhymed with “pedestrian”?

Minaj told Black Men magazine that she does not date or have sex with women. She told Ebony magazine that she doesn’t date men. She told Out magazine, “I just don’t like that people want you to say what you are, who you are. I just am. I do what the f*** I want to do…. The point is, everyone is not black and white. There are so many shades in the middle….”

We couldn’t agree more. Judging from her rap lyrics and her habit of scribing her name on the breasts of her fans with a big marker, Minaj (or her stage persona) might be the rare manifestation of the macho type in a woman.

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