James W. Hicks, M.D.

"The Bisexuals I Know Are Only Interested in Sex."

In Myths on November 11, 2010 at 8:46 am

Being a member of a minority group does not make anyone immune to sharing the stereotypes of the broader community. Even if you have sexual attractions to both men and women and have been thoughtful and restrained in pursuing your relationships, you may view bisexuals, as a group, as somehow more promiscuous and deviant.

Part of the problem is that discussions of bisexuality tend to involve people revealing their sexual interests and experiences, because sceptics want proof. Bisexuality is too invisible to discuss in the abstract. And people with more extensive experience tend to be the ones most comfortable coming out of the closet. Perhaps it would help if “sex” were not a part of the word, and if everyone was assumed to have some degree of flexibility in matters sexual.

  1. So True. Also, bisexuals are treated as hypersexuals, cheaters, people who are “confused,” or are suffering some other form of mental “impairment”, lol. It’s sad really. I’m an middle-age male bisexual who is extremely picky about my relationships. I always prefer an exclusive partner to multiple relationships or hook-ups. So, yes, you are right, it’s a stereotype, but like all stereotypes, it’s based on a grain of truth, sadly.

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