James W. Hicks, M.D.

Automated Flexuality Test!

In Announcements, The Flex Test on April 10, 2011 at 10:59 am

I have just published a new version of the Flexuality Test, which has the great advantage of being automated. At the end of the test, you immediately receive your results. You no longer have to check back here for your results.

Alexander McCabe at Question Writer did a fabulous job redesigning the test for me. In addition to being automatically generated, the report page displays your sexuality profile in two graphic charts, providing you a visual snapshot of your sexual traits. If nothing else, this makes the test a lot more fun!

Though the questions on the test are essentially unchanged, I have revised the scoring algorithms so that you can see your traits on a spectrum. My previous scoring tended to oversimplify sexual potential, boxing you into one category or another, when in reality the categories can overlap considerably.

I think you will find that the new scoring results in a more subtle and accurate picture. I encourage you to take the new version of the test, if only to see if your profile has changed. Let me know what you think!

At the time of this posting, 8,400 people have taken the Flex Test!

Visit the archives to see all Flexuality posts!

  1. Took it and the scoring was exact, placed me firmly, unequivocally within the Gay spectrum.

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