James W. Hicks, M.D.

Mac vs. PC

In Research on September 9, 2011 at 12:53 pm

Alexander McCabe of Question Writer, who automated the Flex Test, was interested whether there might be differences in responses between Mac and Windows users. He looked at the answers of 2000 Mac responders and 3250 Windows responders and noted the percent who agreed (or strongly agreed) with the following statements:

“I am always looking for opportunities to have sex” – 35% Mac vs 30% Windows

“I’m similarly attracted to both men and women” – 25% Mac vs 23% Windows

“I would like to fall in love with both men and women” – 30% Mac vs 28% Windows

“I like to be watched by someone other than my partner when I undress, masturbate or have sex” – 23% Mac vs 20% Windows

“I have had sex with a stranger or in public” – (disagree or strongly disagree) 54% Mac vs 58 % Windows

These are probaby statistically significant differences, but there may be confounding factors that explain them. For example, Mac users might be younger as a group than Windows users, and younger people may be more flexible in general. Or perhaps there is something inherently more flexible about the iLifestyle?

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