James W. Hicks, M.D.


So you think you’re gay? You’re probably right. No one makes the decision lightly to identify as gay or lesbian. Even though same-sex attractions are common, only about 3% of men and women identify as homosexual. (The commonly accepted figure of 10% actually includes those who identify as bisexual.)

But even among men and women who identify as gay or lesbian, the vast majority have also had sexual experiences with the opposite sex. And many are reluctant to exclude the opposite sex from all romantic consideration. Some younger gays and lesbians may be more comfortable thinking of themselves as queer, ambisexual, flexamorous, post-sexual, beyond gender, or homoflexible.

Of the more than 8,000 who have taken my Flexuality Test, those who identified as gay or lesbian often turned out to have more complex sexual profiles:

Even if you are certain that you are gay or lesbian, you might be interested in the flexibility of other, seemingly-straight men and women. After all, many “straight” men and women are curious to explore their sexual potential with someone like you. For some, this is an exciting possibility.

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