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The Missionary Position

In Positions* on November 5, 2010 at 11:08 am

The Missionary Position, supposedly named in honor of its promotion by the Church, is perhaps the most famous sexual position of all. The orthodox position involves vaginal intercourse with the man lying on top of the woman, face-to-face. The prime advantage of the Missionary Position is its simplicity and reciprocity. Partners can easily kiss and embrace. It is the ideal position for expressing love, as distinct from passion, power, or dexterity.

The Cobra: The top partner lifts himself up from the waist, on hands or elbows, to achieve greater tension and a view unobstructed by snogging.

The Lotus: The bottom encircles and crosses legs behind the top’s thighs, gripping and pulling the top in more deeply and tightly. This is the only Missionary Position that works well for anal sex.

The Fan: The bottom’s legs are spread wide for deeper penetration. Anal intercourse becomes possible, though still a stretch.

The Melon Vine: The woman lies on top, usually with legs bent to embrace the man.

Bone-2-Bone: Two women embrace and rub genitals, which often involves interweaving legs so that the clitoris and surrounding structures can press together.

Gemini: Two men embracing, which works best when the erections find a space to grind against, such as the juncture between the top of the thigh and pubic area. Be careful not to crush each other’s testicles.

The Snake

In Positions* on October 20, 2010 at 6:30 pm

The Snake is defined by the bottom partner lying face down with legs together. It can be thought of as a collapsed Doggy Style. In the standard version, the top partner lies on top of the bottom, chest-to-back. The advantage, relative to the Doggy Style, comes from the pressing together of the legs, so that the penis is gripped in part by the thighs and buttocks. The position may also be more comfortable and permit more groping and cuddling. The top can thrust forward into the vagina and either forward or downward into the anus, depending also on how the bottom tilts the hips.

Some variations:

The Plough: The top leans back at the waist and balances on hands or elbows, in order to have a better view and increase the tension and control of penetration.

Spread Snake: The bottom’s legs are spread wide and the top lies between them. What is lost in the grip of the thighs is gained by the depth of penetration. Conveys total prostration.

Spooning: Like the traditional Snake, except that both partners lie on their sides. Might be more comfortable when the bottom is pregnant or the top is overweight.

Cross Snake: The top lies perpendicularly across the bottom. May be less painful for the bottom during initiation of anal sex, because the width of the penis and anal sphincters are better aligned. The bottom can lie on one side and bend the upper leg to provide better access.

Dressage: The top partner straddles the bottom and thrusts into the ass while sitting up. May be more difficult to reach and stay in the vagina from this position. Provides the top with excellent control over the angle and tension of penetration. Easy to slip back down into the standard Snake for greater depth.

The Snake can also be enjoyed without penetration by “splitting rocks” (as it is called in Sri Lanka) between the thighs or by humping the buttocks.

Variations on Doggie Style

In Positions* on October 6, 2010 at 9:16 pm

The Supplicant: Bottom semi-prone on elbows, face and chest to the ground. When the sex is especially good, the bottom becomes a worshiper, prostrate on the bed, offering his or her butt as a sacrifice. May slightly improve the depth and angle of penetration and provide greater stability and comfort during forceful thrusting. Emphasizes the beauty and flexibility of the bottom’s torso.

Tall Doggie: Bottom crouched on bed or other platform, top standing straight. Advantage: may be more comfortable for the top, depending on the relative height of the two partners. Disadvantage: more contrived and clinical and less intimate.

The Monkey: Top straddling with knees bent. Advantage: with legs akimbo and knees bent, the top has maximal range of motion for powerful thrusts. When mirrors or observers are present, this position provides the best view from behind of both partners. Emphasizes the athleticism of the top, especially in the buttocks and thighs.

True Doggie: Both partners on their knees, chest-to-back. Advantage: more intimate; kissing, nibbling, and fondling possible. Disadvantages: less range of motion and less variation in the depth of penetration. Can be uncomfortable or difficult to maintain if the partners are not well matched in size (the top a bit taller than the bottom).

The Archer: Top on one bent knee. A compromise or transitional position, between the full doggie and monkey positions. Allows the top to aim more precisely, but limits the depth of penetration. Not for novices, who may end up tipping each other over.

Doggie Style

In Positions* on October 6, 2010 at 9:10 pm

This is the first in a series of posts about the variety of sexual positions that can be enjoyed by men and women in different combinations.

As much as I enjoy coming up with new terms, the common name for this position is just too popular and too apt. The doggie style is defined by the top partner mounting from behind the bottom, who is bent on hands and knees. Both men and women can play either role; a woman can use a strap-on dildo. In each case, the feeling of taking or being taken from behind may add an element of excitement, communicating animal passion. The top may enjoy a greater feeling of control, or domination, and enjoy the view of the partner from behind being penetrated.

The vagina can be entered just as deeply, if not more so, from this position, compared to the missionary position. The clitoris may get less direct stimulation, but the G-spot will be in the direct path of the thrusting penis or dildo. The top can switch from vaginal to anal intercourse without altering position much, though hygiene may be a concern when alternating between the two. The buttocks provide a nice cushion during anal sex, their protrusion only slightly limiting the depth of anal penetration. Anal sex in this position can be more painful initially for the bottom, because he or she has less control of the angle and pace of entry. A male bottom may also get less prostate stimulation, since penises tend to curve upwards and the prostate rests against the front of the rectum.

The doggie style can also be enjoyed without penetration. The penis can slide between clenched thighs (intracrural) or up between the buttock cheeks. The top can place a hand on the back of the penis to sandwich it against the buttocks, or the bottom can reach between the legs to guide the penis between the thighs. Even without penetration, the friction against the asshole, clitoris, or lips of the vulva can be very pleasing. Advantage: a good position when you don’t have a condom handy or are not prepared for full intercourse (but be aware that infectious diseases and pregnancy are still a risk, especially if the top ejaculates onto the anus or vagina). Disadvantage: may be tantalizing and less satisfying to both partners, but especially the bottom; the skin of the thighs and buttocks may be uncomfortably dry; humping is best when the bottom has a generous booty; uncertainty about where the top should ejaculate.

Stay tuned for variations on the doggie style.

Anal Intercourse: a View from the Bottom

In Sexploration* on July 25, 2010 at 10:27 am

Both men and women, regardless of sexual orientation, can receive sexual pleasure through stimulation of the anus.

You can explore this on your own by sliding a lubricated finger into your anus while in the shower, on the toilet, or during masturbation. In fact, the tight anal sphincters should be stretched this way, by slowly sliding in one, then two, and perhaps three fingers, before you are penetrated by a larger dildo or penis, so that you can get used to the feeling. Otherwise you may be tense and unprepared, and intercourse may be uncomfortable or painful, at least at the start.

The anus does not possess as many glands as the mouth, penis, and vagina, so you will need to use a lubricant. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is ideal for self-exploration, and silicone-based lubricants provide the most slipperiness, but water-based lubricants are safest for use with condoms, because they don’t weaken the material. Stay away from soap and lotions, which can sting and irritate the mucosa.

The most important principle, when you first try anal intercourse, is to go slowly and relax. The firmer the penis (or dildo), the more easily it will go in. You should try to push out with your anus against the head of the penis, rather than instinctively squeezing in. You may want to sit on your partner in order to have the most control over the angle and pace of the penetration. The anal sphincter is slightly narrower from side to side than from top to bottom, and penises tend to be flatter from the top surface to the bottom, so you might find it easier to be penetrated while lying on your side with your top leg pulled up towards your chest and your partner striding you perpendicularly.

Rates of pain during anal intercourse among women have not been studied. A study of men who have engaged in receptive anal sex (as a “bottom”) found that one quarter almost always experienced some pain, though it was usually mild or transient and partly related to anxiety. There are two anal sphincters, and the pain often occurs when the penis is partly in and reaches the deeper sphincter, taking both partners unawares. So go slowly until the penis is all the way in.

During your first experiences with anal penetration, you may feel uncomfortably like you are about to pass gas, because that is how the sphincters usually interpret the sensation of being stretched. You will get used to it. For hygienic reasons, you should defer being penetrated in the ass if you have a full sensation in your bowels, and some people even use a saline enema to empty their bowels before sex. After anal intercourse, some mucous and lubricant may be smeared in the crack of your buttock, and you may feel like you need to go to the bathroom.