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The NY Times: ‘Am I Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Trans? Queer?’

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I can’t believe it’s been more than five years since my last post. In that time, Americans have gained the right to marry whomever they love, regardless of the person’s sex, and  the appreciation of non-binary sexualities and genders has opened up further.

I’m surprised that the number of visitors to this blog keeps growing, even though I haven’t been able to keep up with posting. Ten thousand in April! And thousands continue to take the test each month.

I’ve returned to the blog to draw attention to a recent article in the New York Times that provides some useful advice and links for those who are questioning their sexual or gender identity.

Bisexual Squid

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Amorous Squid Seeks Partner: Any Sex Will Do
James Gorman
New York Times
September 20, 2011

Deep water squid have joined a long list of species known to engage in bisexual behavior. It turns out that male squid are quite happy to ejaculate on other squid, regardless of whether they are male or female. Of course, scientists don’t really know whether the squid experience anything analogous to sexual desire or pleasure, or whether they can even distinguish between male and female partners in the dark of the ocean depths.

Other species known to engage in bisexual behavior include mammals with relatively large brains, such as bonobo apes and bottlenose dolphins, but also herd mammals and birds.  And of course anyone who has a pet dog or cat has observed bicurious behavior in the natural world. Scientific manipulation of hormone levels in rats can also induce more homosexual behavior, though it’s not clear what this tells us, if anything, about behavior in humans.

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Married Man Discovers His Flexuality

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The Secret (Sex) Life of A Middle-Aged Married Man
Rex Oso
October 6, 2011
Huffington Post

Thanks to a reader of the blog for tipping me off to this post by a man who has fallen in love with another man late in his marriage.

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